Things I Love

Pinterest Boards o’ Awesomeness

  • Wish List – Not wish, not want, COVET.
  • Places to go and people to meet – Although I haven’t had a vacation in about a decade, now that I have gotten serious about finances, this is totally happening. Let the dreaming commence.
  • Geek – I am one. I will not apologize.
  • Things that are nifty – These are the things that make me say OOOooohhhhh…..
  • Things that make me laugh – These are the things that make me say BBBwwwaaahaha!!!
  • Things that make me smile – These are the things that make me say AWWWwwwww…..
  • Things that make me wistful – These are the things that make me cock my head to the side and sigh…..
  • The Path Less Traveled – Because I can’t help wanting to know what’s around the next bend…
  • Beautiful Things – Where I keep my pretties.
  • Beautiful People – Where I keep my human pretties. I refrain from making them put the lotion on its skin, and then back in the basket.
  • Androgylicious – I love non-specific things. Androgyny is the sexiest thing in the world.
  • Art & Illustration – I’m an art school dropout, but that doesn’t mean I’m not an artist. This is where I gather inspiration.
  • Ink Inspired – While not totally broke, tattoos are not going to fit in the budget for some time. But oh, how I love them.