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  • Learning to Dress Myself – It was a long hard road to figuring out my personal style. These are items I should have in my closet.
  • Brent–The Other Me – Ever since I was a kid, I kind of turned into a dude every once in awhile. In more recent years, he has named himself Brent and taken on a whole separate personality.
  • Clear and Bright – I’m a Clear Winter when I’m my normal, pale, ghostly self, but when the gardening season hits, I flow into Clear Spring. In reality, I’m more of a neutral. Here’s what my closet should look like.
  • Style Beyond Me – While I love beautiful clothes, high fashion, and the like, I don’t actually like it all ON me. This is where I put the rest.
  • Cranial & Extremity – Jewelry, scarves, hats, and all the stuff I have recently realized can really jazz you up.
  • Things for my Feet – Shoes, socks, accessories de pied – you know, junk that goes on my feetz.
  • Papa Bear – My big burly bearded man needs a style Pinboard too!
  • Lovely Locks – I’m a barber and sometimes stylist with a bit of a follicular obsession.
  • Dude Hair Love – A lot of men don’t trust a female barber. Let me tell you boys, if you have a female barber with short hair, good things will happen. We get ya.
  • Short Hair Love – I’m not a barber because I have love men’s hair, I’m a barber because I love SHORT hair.
  • Hair a-Color – I don’t particularly like doing color – unless you let me do whatever I want with it. Then it’s tons of fun.
  • Painted Jezebel – I like colorful sparkly stuff to put on my face and nails and stuff. What.
  • Beard Love – One of my barberly specialties is beards. I sometimes wish I were a dude so I could do awesome stuff with my facial hair. Instead, I just do it to my clients and fianceé.