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  • For My Kinda Green Thumb – One day I will have my big amazing garden and I will be a human plant encyclopedia with all of the garden tools I could dream of. For now…prepa-ray-shons.
  • Eat the Garden – As long as you’re growing stuff, why not grow stuff you can eat?
  • Front Yard Project – Redoing the parents’ whole house. This be the front yard, painted in fiery, warm, bright and happy hues.
  • Back Yard Project – We’re re-landscaping my parents’ entire yard. This be the back yard, shaded in light, soft, cool, calming and sweet hues.
  • The Grounds – My one day garden, patio and the general grounds.
  • To Build a House – I just want to live somewhere beautiful and peaceful and full of nature. Not too much to ask, right?
  • Living Like a Monkey – I never got a treehouse, so I built a crappy one in the woods with my first boyfriend. One day I will have a real one.
  • My Home When I Dream – This is my pinboard sanctuary. Inside my home sweet one day home.
  • Things Organized Neatly – Now that I’m getting into a life stage with a little more permanence, I have to find better places to put my stuff.