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Pinterest Boards

  • Little Ones – Little human creatures too cute to not pin. This is where I keep my stock of kid’s photography inspiration.
  • Baby Bear – My little squish needs her own style Pinboard too! She has a sense of…what you might call “whimsy.”
  • Things to do with the kid – Kids are adorable and all, but you actually need to…do stuff with them. And there are many hours in the day to keep them entertained and not bothering stuff. Here’s some help with that.
  • Lilliputian Cuisine – Although we don’t dumb food down for the little one, there’s nothing wrong with making it whimsical. Or having her help make it.
  • For My Inner Child – My inner child and my unicorn, rainbow, zombie and skull-loving 3-year-old stepdaughter have a lot in common. This board proves you don’t have to be blood to be family.
  • Les Animaux – I love creatures, even the weird, scaly and slimy ones. The fluffy ones are good too.
  • For My Camera & Me – Now that I have a super-portable little Powershot, this is where I keep my photo inspiration.