Selfish Knitting New Year

My fellow knitters, their is a great ongoing injustice in your lives. Ask yourself the following questions, as I have recently asked myself:

  1. How long have you been knitting?
  2. How much of money have you given to your favorite yarn shop?
  3. How many hours have you spent knitting things only to give them away and never see them again, much less see them worn by the person you made them for?
  4. How many lace-weight items has your freaking mother lost?
  5. How many items that you have knitted to you actually wear/belong to you?
Woolen Winter via designseeds

Woolen Winter via designseeds

If your answers are anything like mine (1-many years; 2-entire paychecks; 3-enough to earn a college degree, perhaps; 4- any more and I might have to murder her; 5-2, a scarf and a hat), take heart, and decide now to take back your craft – at least for a little while.

Beginning January 1st, 2013, put aside all of  your projects for others and join me for three months of knitting for yourself, heretofore known as Selfish Knitting New Year.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up below.
  2. Round up as many patterns as you think you can complete in the first three months of 2013.
  3. Leave a comment below with a link to your planned projects.
  4. Buy yarn and any other supplies for said projects.
  5. Stash until January.
  6. From January until the end of March, as you complete each project, email a photo of it to be compiled into a glorious montage of self-knitting love.

And remember…

  • Buy good yarn: get thee to the yarn store – a LYS (local yarn shop), not some giant craft store with a nearly exclusive selection of Red Heart Super Saver acrylic junk. Not to be a yarn snob (I’m not telling you to splurge on cashmere, necessarily) but get yourself some nice natural fibers at least.
  • Swatch like you mean it: none of this guesstimating and knitting with an overpowering sense of worry and multiple froggings that tends to happen when you don’t swatch. Just do it. And then, if you’re coming up short, you have can frog said swatch and have some extra.
  • Do not cut corners: you’re playing for keeps this time, so do it right, and if you are unsure of a step, look it up, get inside the stitches and figure it out. If you mess something up, go back and fix it. These items will be ones you will be proud to wear.

Selfish Knitting New Year is about making something for yourself, or a number of somethings that you’ll cherish as much as your work deserves to be.

Are you in?

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  1. I am sooooooooo addicted to knitting right now. Damn you and your inspirational goodies! I reeeeeeeally want to make that PHAT chunky green moss stitch scarf, but I can’t find the wool for it. I bought bog standard chunky wool, thinking I could make it, but it wasn’t the RIGHT wool, it was just chunky shiz, not superdooperPHATandgloriouscomfygorgeousandwonderful wool, and frankly about half a sheep too short! So, I know you’re over in Am-e-ri-ca and all that, so suppliers are a tad different, but do you reckon you could fill me in on your supplier info? Or even suggest a site that sells it and delivers across the pond? This sounds like a dodgy drugs deal now (I want that geeeeearrr!!) but it’s not, I swear! I just need my wool fix….. 😉 Libby from UK (I really should sign in or something and then I wouldn’t have to keep saying “Hi, It’s Libby from the UK”, lol)

    • OctoNoctua says:

      Hey Libby! In the top of the right sidebar, there is a green box that says Join the Project Community. Just sign up there, and you’re a full member! I don’t know if you can follow this link if you’re not signed up with Ravelry (it’s free – like Facebook for knitters), but if you’re not, you should be. You can follow that one to find stashes of the yarn in all kinds of colors that people trade and sell. Here are some other buying options My suppliers are Nina and Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns, both local yarn shops in Chicago and the burbs, so that’s no help. I never buy an unfamiliar yarn online unless I get it super vouched for my someone whose yarn opinion I trust, because you never know what it’s going to feel like just from the fibers listed. This one, totally feel free to buy online. It’s awesome.

  2. This makes me so freaking happy. I think I just might do this! I haven’t knit in sooooo freaking long. I have yarn that’s been sitting in bags for months, just waiting to be used! Now is the time! I must make time! Thank you for this!

    • OctoNoctua says:

      Thanks Heather! It has taken me quite by surprise how many people this idea has spoken to. I do hope you get knitting with us in this little bit of pseudo-winter we have left, because if you’re anything like me, once the weather warms, all of the other projects start!

      In fact, I have a delightful pattern posting on Monday, which, in direct contradiction to the premise of Selfish Knitting New Year, was made for my mother-in-law. Boo for me. Let’s get the momentum going, though. If you have any fellow knitting friends, feel free to share! Perhaps I’ll stop by Fuzzy Wuzzy this week and get some more fibery goodness with that gift certificate I still have sitting there.