DIY Succulent Dinosaur Planter

Geek girl gardeners rejoice, for today I bring you plastic dinosaurs and succulents.

Dinosaur Planter

Grr. Argh.

The best part is, it need not be a dinosaur – it can be any awesome soft-ish plastic toy you want or already have. Maybe your kids won’t notice you cutting up their toys…

This is Meg. We have not actually me yet, but she is a good friend of my sister’s, and a fellow bridesmaid in her wedding. Every time I see her photos pop up in my Facebook neewsfeed, I feel like we should be friends already. Although she is not an official blogger, she keeps coming up with these adorable little DIY projects around her house.


Meg makes magic

Perhaps she could be persuaded to do an official guest post segment on the blog here? I do love guest posters (hint hint!)

So how do you make her sweet little dino succulent planter? It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

  • Step 1: Thrift some kid’s toys.
  • Step 2: Buy succulents from Randolph Street Market (or a flea market, whatever).
  • Step 3: Take knife to toy, shove in succulent. Planter!!!
Although this is not an original project (toy planters have  been all over Etsy for a bit), Meg got her idea from Cut Out and Keep.

What weird things have you planted succulents in?

Succulent Heads

Succulents in heads! via Floral Art

Is your thumb a sickly shade of green? Me too. Come get your garden on with me!


Meg started a blog! I am ever so excited and will be following closely. Head over and check her out!

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  1. Vicky Lozano says:

    YES!!! This is so awesome! Definetely gonna try this since I have a huge dinosaur collection! 🙂

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Doesn’t surprise me even a little bit Vicky 😉 Hey, Baby Bear’s birthday is coming up in June…she does so love dinosaurs and planting things…

      • Vicky Lozano says:

        Ohhhhh man! Will I have an amazing bday present for her yet! Gonna start planning it out now! ^_^

  2. Papa Bear says:

    You two fan each others creative flames. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this!