DIY Stay-On Mustache | Just Like Daddy

Mustache crafts are all the rage lately.

But where’s the fun in holding a mustache on a straw up to your face all day?

This is a mustache you can wear, inspired by one of Baby Bear’s favorite movies, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

DIY Stay-On Mustache

If you have never seen Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, it is the story of a terrible inventor and his monkey Steve. Steve wears a monkey thought translator device on his head, and is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. He loves mustaches and gummi bears. As does Baby Bear.

She is Steve the Monkey.

Just the other day I was tooling around Michael’s (searching for spray paint for an unrelated project), and a piece of glitter felt caught my eye. Although I couldn’t manage to capture it on film, the glitter was rainbow hued, and reminded me of the spray-on shoes from the movie. The Stay-On Mustache was born.

Ready to make it? Here we go.

DIY Stay-On Mustache

Step 1) Measure the basic mustache size against the face on a piece of paper. The marks denote the outer edges of the mustache/face, the bottom of the nose, and the bottom of the ‘stache.

DIY Stay-On Mustache

Step 2) Cut the mustache out of paper first to ensure the right size and shape, then use the paper as a guide to cut the shape out of the felt.

DIY Stay-On Mustache

Step 3) Although in the end I found this step to be optional, I thought a nose piece to hold the mustache on would be a good idea. Using black pipe cleaner, tie a loose knot, leaving an opening big enough to fit over the nose like the bridge of a pair of glasses.

DIY Stay-On Mustache

Step 4) Using the extra pipe cleaner from the nose piece, bend the excess pipe cleaner into the shape of the mustache for support. If you do not want to use the nose piece, still make sure that the pipe cleaner extends the length of the mustache for support. Hot glue that mofo. Hot glue an additional pipe cleaner to each side of the mustache.

DIY Stay-On Mustache

Step 5) Bend the pipe cleaners over the ears and twist at the back of the head to secure.

Baby Bear was so very stoked to look just like daddy.

Although I agree that mustache crafts are a bit overdone right now, when your daddy has a full-on, waxed-up handlebar mustache of his own, mustache crafts are more than acceptable.

And now, a little Steve for your viewing pleasure.

Does the large male creature in your life rock the facial hair? What kind? We do so love beardiness around these parts.