Daily Inspiration | Spring-like Winter Winds

Who says the Daily Inspiration needs to be photographic only? I have been using this segment as a way to keep the feel goods flowing for myself (and all of you of course!) through this long, pathetic and depressing winter. Now that the weather is turning warm and the layers are being shed, I’m feeling myself coming back to life. Literally waking back up from my winter hibernation. Mumford and Sons is helping. This weather and this music makes me feel like this:

I have been listening to nothing but the Sigh No More album for the last couple of days, and I have been developing quite a crush on Marcus. Papa Bear has developed a massive crush on his wardrobe. Baby Bear is obsessed with the lead pseudo-Sergeant Pepper dude from The Cave video.

Fair warning to any dude in my barber chair who has good hair for it and will let me do it: you are getting the Marcus haircut.

To see what these guys are really all about, check them out at the Grammys. Winston plays that banjo like a wild man and I love every minute of it. Hello Summer Soundtrack o’mine.

What’s going on your summer playlist?


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