Daily Inspiration | Instagram Love

Story 1: Yesterday Twitter exploded. Facebook bought Instagram for a mind-boggling $1 billion.

Story 2: My work twinsie Stephanie posted an Instagram photo from her Droid.

Story 3: I have a Droid. I am ECSTATIC.

First treetops, now shrubtops

First treetops, now shrubtops

The Daily Inspiration segment will change, in that I do not ALWAYS have to drag around my still small but a darned sight bigger than my phone camera, and will be using Instagram near constantly. Get ready, Twitter fans. They have been getting quite a dose of my bored day around the barber school.

Are you following me on Twitter yet? Because despite my one-time vow to never ever join Twitter under any circumstances, I really kind of like it. It is mildly helping with my brevity. Sometimes.

Is Instagram the only thing that made you want an iPhone over a Droid? Are you a now-satisfied Instagram newbie like me? Are you an Apple-only die-hard and want to wish me a slow death? Tell me about it in the comments.