Descent Into Discbound Madness | Friday Obsessions

Are you obsessed with planning, listing and mapping out your days, weeks, months, and life?

I am. Pretty hard. Over the years, the notebooks and pieces of scrap paper have nearly taken over my life. For real, this is what my Google Calendar looks like.

Google Calendar

I have a problem, I know. You’ll notice my one-hour block of “Me Time” between 5 and 6 o’clock on Mondays. This is what happens when you’re a freelance workaholic with a day job.

But alas, this online thing just isn’t working for me. Although it’s relatively easy to move things around in Google Calendar, I am often in a place (like at work) where I can’t be online or on my phone. Also, something about the nature of writing something with a pencil plants things more firmly in my memory.

So I went looking for a day planner option that I would actually use – one that I could customize to my OCD heart’s content. And I found it on one of my favorite blogs o’obsession, I Heart Organizing.

I Heart Organizing

I ran across Jen’s blog a little over a year ago, and both the hubs and I are more than a little obsessed. Because I (We) Heart both Huckabees and Organizing too. She is also a lover of rainbows, she’s cute as a button, and makes freaking brilliant use of her inclination toward hoarding by using all kinds of strange things for DIY organization solutions.

When I was searching for a day planner in the beginning of this year, I found this sweet post of hers that introduced me to the wonders of the Discbound, and the MARTHA STEWART LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES. Did you hear me???


I Heart Organizing Planner

I think my heart stopped when I saw this baby. I didn’t even need to read the post before I knew that this planner, this was the one.

My Preciousssss. I had to have it. With it’s textured sky blue cover, ability to lay flat with no big binding, the elastic strap to keep it closed, the little pencil holder, and the ability to customize your pages, it was everything I had ever wanted in a planner. Then I read the post, of course, and went off to my local Staples.


They didn’t have it. So for some reason (because I was just so excited to get organizing) I bought the next best thing, a similar-looking binder from the Martha line, some rainbow dividers, and a few accessories. Then I got it home and realized it wouldn’t even fit in my purse with my camera. But that’s cool, I could just return the binder and keep the other supplies for the Discbound as soon as I found one.

That night on break at work I zipped over the Staples down the road and frantically searched for Discbound. Nothing! What the fuck Staples? Your website told me where to find these things and none of your employees have even heard of such a thing as Discbound.

Okay, screw it, I’ll order online and pay the shipping. Whatevs.

And on Tuesday it arrived! All of my dreams were coming true. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. And then I went to go insert the filler paper and dividers I had already bought, and – dammit all to hell, different holes. Totally not the same thing. And I opened them already. I suck so much.

But whatever AGAIN, I’ll go order some more online. SOLD OUT? WHAT THE FUCK, STAPLES?!? That’s fine, I’m sure they’ll come back in stock. So in the meantime, I’ll make my own custom pages and get them printed. But wait, how to I make these little T-shaped punches? I go reread Jen’s post, and look, an update about the punch! Holy hell, $40?

This planner is now costing me quite a bit more than I had anticipated, but I can reuse this thing again and again, year after year, and I know I’ll get my money’s worth out of it, but at this rate, I don’t think I’ll have it all made before February!

Oh Discbound, why can’t I quit you? I’ve barely even gotten a taste of you!

My Solution

Jen made all of her own pages for her planner, which you can totally buy right on her Etsy shop, but I had to make my own, or course. Because I have issues. So here’s my cover. It’s very cute, no? It’s got duckies.


And here are my pages, which I’m still fine tuning. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get to finish all of these up. I’ll do an update as soon as its finished! If it ever gets finished. Come on Staples, stock that shit!

Planner Pages

How do you organize your life?


  1. Thanks for the sweet mention! And great job on your planner pages. 🙂 You are a pro!!


    • Natalie Webb says:

      Aww, thanks Jen! Now to just get these suckers printed and get it all put together!