Daily Inspiration | April Flowers

Our poor garden is so confused. Everything started flowering super early due to our weirdly warm March. Now, in April, things have cooled off again to NORMAL spring weather, and I’m worried about everything we have out there. These Jacob’s Ladder, which started off as one smallish plant in the front yard, dying in the too-strong sun. I split it up and spread it thinly over a larger area in the shady backyard. It seems quite happy with its new placement.

Jacob's Ladder

Holding strong through these nightly frosts via Instagram

Today I’m feeling inspired by these resilient little guys, and perked up by their tiny blue flowers outside the kitchen window. I’m also inspired to go get my hands back in the dirt. But it’s cold out.

How is this bipolar spring weather affecting your garden?


  1. Andrea says:

    Those are lovely! The hot/cold flashes don’t seem to be as bothersome as the drought. Everything I’ve transplanted looks droopy. I have to water every day or I’d lose all my transplants. If this keeps up into the summer I have a feeling my dreams of watermelon will not happen this year. On another gardening note, NONE of my tomato seeds sprouted. Not sure what I did wrong but maybe they sensed the drought (even though they were safe inside with plenty of moisture) and decided it wasn’t worth it to come out. Perhaps your inspiration to get your hands back in the dirt will be contagious for me, because I’m about to throw my hands up and say the heck with it. Damn crazy weather.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Luckily we haven’t planted anything out there this spring just yet except for the spring peas (and lettuce! need to get that in the ground pronto.) so watering hasn’t been too much of a problem. So sorry about the watermelon! I wonder if we’ll have better luck with cantaloupe this year than we did last. I think we just got it in the ground way late, so we’ll see.

      This, the first spring of the Retirement Garden Project, is not the time for mother nature to be such a nutjob. I’m confused enough about all of the ins and outs of gardening as it is. Don’t give up though, you are my gardening inspiration here!