Craft & Burn | Friday Obsessions

We crafters have many things.

Supplies, issues, therapists, whatever.

Yesterday I was introduced to Kim and her show Craft & Burn, who a) made me feel better about myself and b) made me wonder if this is how my family actually sees me. After all, I watched all 9 videos in this series while safety pinning matched Rainbow Blorp limbs and eyeballs to Rainbow Blorp bodies.

Rainbow Blorps

Yes, this is what I obsessively make in my “free time.”

Kim and Craft & Burn make their home on the Digs Channel on YouTube, where we follow her therapy and crafts from her bathtub. Because it is “a safe environment and clean workspace.” Makes perfect sense to me.

Read on for the video, and the other great shows from the Digs Channel.

Other Shows on the Digs Channel

Extreme Craft Challenge starring Boaz Frankel, Portland native and TV host. Everything he knows about crafting, he learned in kindergarten. We visit one of America’s hippest cities, Portland, to see what world-class artists can do with pipe cleaners, macaroni, and Elmer’s glue.

Jordan in the House starring Jordan Reid, lifestyle blogger The Better Show expert, blogger and new mom Jordan Reid has had enough of Second Avenue subway construction. She’s ditching her Manhattan walk-up for her first ‘real’ home in the burbs. For this domestic diva, it’s a blank canvas and her palette of design ideas will blow you away.

Ready Set Celebrate starring Rachel Bloom and Nicole Shabtai, two sketch comedians with a penchant for parties for every occasion from breaking up with your boyfriend to the ‘sibling rivalry party.’

Gardens of the Rich and Famous starring comedians Emma Tattenbaum-Fine and Ariana Seigel; Shirley Bovshow, garden designer. The two starving artists move to Hollywood and end up as the apprentices for a real-life garden designer. Now they have to rake it till they make it.

Door Knock Design starring designers Leah Ashley and Mary Darling. Two twenty-something designers turn their California dreaming into reality, showing up at someone’s front door and turning a room upside down in the most fabulous way.

No Man’s Land starring interior designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks and her girlfriend, Anna Maltezos, an art director and comedian. An interior designer and her comedian girlfriend move into their new digs, determined to make it their own. And no boys are allowed.

On another note, Papa Bear and I plan to have our Etsy store, The Project Shoppe, open by August 1st! On it, we will be selling our project creations from the blog. First up will be our little mascot monster, the Rainbow Blorp!

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