Blanket Statements

Please know that this blog is as earnest as Will Ferrell in Elf, and while I will always do my best to be an ethical blogger, I am also a person. A highly distracted person. As such, things may occasionally slip through the cracks. What follows is what will probably end up being an ever-evolving list of blanket statements.

Pixie Dust Blanket via

Pixie Dust Blanket via


  • If I can find the source of a photo, I will link to it.
  • If the photo was taken by me, it will either display the Leave Me To My Projects watermark, otherwise noted in the surrounding text, or completely bleeding obvious.
  • If even after due diligence I can’t figure out where an image came from, and I think it’s awesome, I will simply go ahead and post it because I have assumed it is in the public domain, and sharing is caring. (*Note: Prior to March 2012, there were some technical issues with photo links that I have been fixing as I find them).
  • If an uncredited photo is yours, kindly send me a little documentation, and I’ll credit you! Or remove it, if that’s what you desire, but it would make me really sad.

More statements will be added as confusion arises.

Contact me right here if you have any questions!