Budget DIY Rainbow Prairie Wedding Printed Materials

The printed materials for a wedding can be expensive.

Save the dates, invitations, reply cards, programs, escort cards – they can eat up a sizable chunk of your budget. But they don’t have to!

For my leetle seester’s wedding, they had a relatively small budget. They also had a sister (me) with Creative Memories Storybook Creator, a quick mouse hand, and a bit of an obsessive nature.

Escort Cards

This was my escort card. Most people took theirs home with them.

For an 180-guest wedding, we made all of the printed materials you see in this post for less than $300. Let me show you how we did it!


I have been going on and on about Creative Memories and Storybook Creator, their digital scrapbook solution, literally forever, as far as this blog is concerned. It’s kind of like a poor man’s Photoshop, geared to scrapbook fiends. For less than $65.

To make all of the printed materials you see in this post, I used a few bits and pieces from different art kits and power palettes, including one that is no longer available (Serene). The two that I used the most to make everything you see here were Reminisce and Hummingbird.

Reminisce Digital Power Palette for PC

Reminisce Digital Power Palette for PC

Hummingbird Digital Kit for PC

Hummingbird Digital Kit for PC

Then we just took the files to Kinkos and got everything printed up, all for less than $300.


I posted about the invitations before, so I won’t go over it all again. You can find the original post here. But look how pretty they turned out! The butterflies and flowers here were from the Serene kit, and the lighter backgrounds were from the What A View kit. The font is Bradley Hand.

Rainbow Prairie Wedding Invitations with Storybook Creator

Invitation Front

Rainbow Prairie Wedding Invitations Back

Invitation Back

Reply Cards

Reply Cards


Of course the ceremony programs had to be an absolute rainbow explosion, courtesy of the Reminisce palette. Font is the Hummingbird fancy alpha set. The dandelions are from the Wish kit. They looked even better printed, and looking out at the guests holding them during the ceremony, I swear my heart skipped a beat.

Program Cover

Rainbow Programs!

The inside of the programs looked pretty much like the front of the invitations, but I did not include it here. Everybody’s names and all.

Fun Facts

The Fun Facts cards turned out to be one of the better ideas we had for the entire night. Most of the tables had people seated together that the bride and groom thought would get along, but didn’t know each other. As soon as everyone was seated for dinner, the fun facts people shared with us on their reply cards really broke the ice.

Wedding Fun Facts

I hope this post has inspired you, to, I don’t know, go get yourself some Storybook Creator already. For it is awesome.

I feel I should mention, for the record, that this is not a sponsored post. Creative Memories does not even know who I am, save for that one time I had to call tech support to get all of my files back when my computer crashed, and the dude was AWESOME and helpful and can be. I think his name was Adam. So yeah, go get some Storybook Creator.

Are you a scrapbooker? Digital or traditional? Tell us all about your favorite in the comments below!