Broke for Christmas? Bake!

This year Papa Bear and I are in a conundrum that we have been through before, and one that I know so many others are in as well. We’re broke.

He is in barber school, Baby Bear just started private preschool, and we just moved into a new place. So yeah, the account balance is a little low at the moment. But we still have the little monkey, brothers, sisters, their spouses, our parents, grandparents, coworkers and more to buy for. So what to do?

I think we came up with the perfect solution. Bake! And then presents for the little one.

Sugar High Pinterest Board

Sugar High Pinterest Board

Baked goods are made with so much love (and sugar and butter), by our hands and from the heart, we can crank out huge batches for not much money, and delicious sweet things make everyone happy. And this way we’ll be able to give to even more people!

We’ll be whipping up some serious batches this weekend, including my Ginger Orange Molasses Cookies! In the meantime, be sure to check out my Sugar High Pinterest board to get some ideas for your own holiday baking.

Are you buying gifts this year, or making them?