Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf

Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf


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I love those items that come to be in a yarn shoppe, where you see something gorgeous in your favorite color. You’re drawn to it. When you dig your fingers into it, it’s just magical, soft and dreamy. You pick up two or three skeins (depending on how much change you can scrape out of the bottom of your purse), because you know that you just can’t leave without it.

Especially, as I now know, if it’s Malabrigo, my absolute favorite and often impossible-to-find yarn. If you can’t find it, fear not – just pick your favorite soft, super bulky, handpainted or watercolor-type yarn. One caveat – the Malabrigo I used went from super fat to worsted weight every few inches in the skein, which is what makes the moss stitch so perfect for this piece.  It almost looks alive when it knits up.

You will want a loose stitch for this scarf. If you are a loose knitter, awesome – if you knit on the tight side like me, consider going up a needle size from your swatch.

Beginner knitters, this is the pattern for you, there’s nothing to it.

Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf

Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf

Size: Approximately 6″ wide

Materials: Malabrigo Aquarella 10 Maldonado (super bulky handpainted wool; 100 g. / 65 yds) – 2 skeins

US 13 (9 mm)knitting needles, or size needed to obtain gauge

Yarn needle

Gauge: 9 sts x 13 rows = 4″ / 2.2 sts per inch


CO 13 sts.

Row 1: *K1, P1,* repeat from * to * 5 times, K1

Repeat row 1 until you have about 3 feet of yarn left, or until desired length.


Join short ends together with mattress stitch and weave in ends.

Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf

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  1. Hey! Found your blog by searching for a moss stitch circle scarf! Just started knitting and I am obsessed! I have a question, though! If I were to knit on circular needles would and how would the pattern change! Thanks!

    P.S. Your knitting is amazing!

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Unfortunately, this pattern would not work on circular needles. The only way to do that would be to work it the short way instead of the long way, which wouldn’t allow for cabling. Straight needles only for this one, sorry! I suppose if you were to use circular needles like straight (as in, not in the round), you could do it, but definitely try the straight needles.

  2. How long did you make your scarf? Thanks!

    • Natalie Webb says:

      It all depends how tight you would like it to sit on your neck, which will depend on whether you use this yarn, or one in a different gauge, but it should be able to do a comfortable double loop around your neck. Hope that helps!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, the scarf is as well ; )

  4. Jean Bollinger says:

    Had to write out the pattern as I can’t find just that to print up. Too much other stuff going on . Did I miss the PRINT area some where?

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Hi Jean! You can of course print them by just hitting Ctrl+P on site, but I am slowly but surely making all of my patterns available as PDFs on my Etsy shop. I will put up a post as soon as they’re all done!


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