Beard Love | Friday Obsessions

It should come as a surprise to no one that reads this blog regularly I have a serious thing for beards.

I am a barber who loves to groom them, and I am married to a large beardy thing. So for today’s Friday Obsessions, I bring you…BEARDS. 9 of them, in fact, on some very foxy men. Oh, and one hell of a beard infographic.

The Beardly

Tyler Beard

Papa Bear is quite handlebared up these days, and oh how I love it.

Justin Passmore Beard

This superfox model has been floating around Pinterest quite a bit lately. Beardly and long hair=win.

Philip Crangi

Philip Crangi is the most high fashion version of the “just doesn’t give a shit” look I think I have ever seen.

Nico Beautiful Beard

Although this glorious beard has never been in my barber chair, I still do a lot of large beard/tight retro side parts. Adore.

Charlie Hunnam

Sons of Anarchy hot caveman type


Also much love to the grungy skater/snowboarder boy beards

Aiden Shaw

Aiden Shaw representing the silver foxes

Dressed Up Beard

Wedding beards!

Natalie & Tyler Wedding

Speaking of wedding beards, my hubs at our ceremony, bedecked in his splendiferous beardiness.

And now, everything you have ever wanted to know about beards.

Beards [infographic]

Via Online Ph.D

Are you in love with a beard? Just love them in general? Tell us about it in the comments below!