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I don’t wear a lot of color. It is a good strategy when you don’t have a lot of clothes. From what I have read on the “style expert” blogs, building a base of neutrals and letting your accessories do the talking can give you quite a bit of mileage in a sparse wardrobe.

Seeing as I’m starting from scratch rebuilding my closet, perhaps a little inspiration board will help set me on the right track. Also, I love making inspiration boards. So I’m gonna.

Andro Charcoal & Mint

Tough and androdgynous charcoal and mint.

The first pair of shoes I have ever bought online have finally arrived. See them on the bottom left? I picked them up from ModCloth, and not only do they fit perfectly, they are surprisingly comfortable. I have so far been wearing them with my straight leg Levis bunched up around the top of the boot instead of in or over or cuffed.

Read on and I’ll point you to where to get any or all of the items you see in the board above.

ModCloth Boots

All A-Boot Style Boots via ModCloth

I wanted to put together a look that was tough and boyish, but in a dress – a nice mix of my Natalie and Brent personalities. And as long as I’m fantasizing here, that BAG. I have never purchased a bag that cost more than perhaps $30 on sale, and this one’s $480. I’m normally all about function, but I’m swooning here. Alas, only in my dreams.

Also, I know, that’s a dress. What about the psoriasis, you wonder (or you would be wondering if you had read the Finding My Style post)? Socks or legwarmers ahoy. Or, with two weddings this summer, I might just spring for some steroid shots to keep things under control during this season of bare skin.

What would you wear with these ModCloth boots?

Love an item here? Find out where to get it here.