Adventures in Facebook Cover Photos

I am so very excited about tomorrow. You know Jamie Link, a photographer and friend I have been featuring a lot on the blog for the Daily Inspiration segment? Tomorrow we have an adventure planned that will take us all over Chicago, much of it through our legendary Kennedy traffic.

Jamie Link Photography

via Jamie Link Photography

I know, today’s post is a little out of left field, Facebook pages and all, but the name of this blog says it all. Leave Me to My Projects. And boy is this a big project of mine. And I’m really excited about this shoot tomorrow, and I want to tell you about it.

You see, I work at a barbershop, juggling the front desk like a pro circus clown. We are a chain of shops with 50-something of them throughout the US. Each shop (at least in the Chicago market) has its own Facebook page. Until recently, these pages were just sort of…there, with only a couple of shops posting great content, and posting it regularly.

I knew these pages could be something more than simple local business pages. To bring individual local business pages to the next level, we would have to work them as a team of pages.

So I started trying to build my shop’s page a little bit, and then convinced the boss man to make me admin on all of the pages. Apparently, they noticed our growth over at corporate, because before I had even made a real plan for the pages we were getting some big buzz within the rest of the company.

So, because I do not have enough to do right now, I convinced the big boss to create a “Facebook Coordinator” position and hire me to do it. So now I have a blog, the blog’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, my barbering Facebook page (for as soon as I finish school!), and 6, count ’em 6 barbershop business pages.


So tomorrow Jamie and I meet up with the boss to make the rounds all over to Chicago and get some professional shop photography done. But not just professional photography. We are going to be doing some panoramic photos, super-real HDR layered images and maybe even con our way onto a couple of rooftops.

His camera will definitely have some stuff to see. These shops are not afraid of color or loud music. This is one of the walls at my suburban shop:


Jamie recently posted some work on his site that blew me away and fit the look of the shops to a T.  We are sort of urban, after all. The fact that it involved sneaking into an abandonded, creepy and possibly haunted factory on the South Side of Chicago just upped the ante.

Hop over to his blog and site to read all about his factory adventures. Although I’m going to be spending most of my day off sitting in Chicago traffic, this is going to be a blast. Perhaps another day we will go trespass somewhere together and he can re-teach me some of the things I forgot since art school.

Those poor brain cells. Many died in those years.

Do you run a local business Facebook page? What hurdles have you run into trying to grow your reach?