When it comes to living, you have never gone by the book.

Natalie WebbYou live non-traditional, against-the-grain, off-the-beaten-path, and you live it hard.

But you’re getting married or already are, having kids or already have some – you’re settling down, and your rebellious, badass self can’t help but feel like you’re settling somehow.

But still you idolize Martha Stewart, and the handmade, homemade, from scratch life. An identity crisis, that’s what that is.

Suddenly surrounded by all of the trappings of a grown-up life, you’re searching for a way, a place, to live a happy, healthy, crafty, stylish, well-adjusted life without turning into a Stepford family.

I hear you. Leave Me to My Projects exists because of you.

The mission of this blog is guide you down the rainbow brick road to living your life your way, on your terms, with crafts, projects, guides and inspiration to last you the whole year long.

Consider this your personal guide to growing up, living weird and living well.

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  1. Your blog looks great!

    • OctoNoctua says:

      Your site is pretty spiffy too, Weber family! My fiancee, known on the blog here as Papa Bear, is from South Dakota (so lots of love!). Hope your winter has been as mild as ours!