A Rainbow Engagement Party

In this summer of rainbows and weddings, it occurred to me I had a little more up my sleeve for you. I had almost forgotten to share my seester’s rainbow engagement party! It was a beautiful day, great food, great friends, Skittle favors, Guess That Herb and lots of champagne.

Rainbow Engagement Party

Rainbow Engagement PartyRainbow Engagement Party

Friends and family were out in abundance, which gave Baby Bear the opportunity to mooch it up something awful. She told everyone that Skittles were great for sharing, so of course they happily shared until she was a vibrating, sticky, single-minded sugar molecule.
The pile of gifts at this party was truly epic too. It stretched over about half the yard. And seester got a gift with a disembodied barbie head. Love it.


Rainbow Engagement PartyRainbow Engagement PartyRainbow Engagement Party

With so many herbs growing in the garden, we rounded up a set of six, and had everyone write their guesses down. I, of course, was not allowed to play, as I planted the things. Some of the early Rainbow Blorps came out to play, too. They seemed right at home.

Rainbow Engagement PartyRainbow Engagement PartyRainbow Engagement Party

It was a wonderful day with family, friends, food, booze, candy, and all of the other important things in life. Just a couple more months and all of the wedding madness is over for the summer! And then the projects will recommence…