A Photo a Day | 365 Photo Challenge

This year I want to become a better photographer. So does Papa Bear.

And we know just how to do it. An epic 365 Photo Challenge!

Biker Papa Bear & Baby Bear

Seen here all bikery and badass with the Harley shirt-wearing Baby Bear

We both used to be what you might call photographers, both went off to art school, and as soon as we didn’t have decent cameras anymore (mine is film, which is expensive to develop, so I haven’t pulled it out in forever, his was sold by his horrible ex), we kind of stopped taking pictures.

These camera losses happened many years before we had smartphones. But now we have them, and especially since Instagram was released for Android, I have been taking quite a few more photos.

But now the time has come for me to stretch a little in my photography, and for Papa Bear to get started shutterbugging again. Unfortunately, other than our phones, our only camera right now is this wonderful little Canon Powershot.

Day 1 Resolution

It’s a fantastic and super portable camera, and great for everyday use, but I’m getting to the point now where I need something a little more advanced, because the photos never look as sharp as I want them to. First, though, I’m going to give that manual a serious reread, and get into every little detail of this baby.

To improve our photography, we’re both doing a 365 Photo Challenge – a photo a day. Although I was a couple of days behind in getting started with an actual challenge, we both have been taking photos since January 1st, so here we go!

I’m totally going to be putting together an album of these later, but in the meantime, for this year the Daily Instagram section of the blog is going to be changing to the 365 Photo Challenge section!

Here are three great links to get you started on your own (slightly belated) 365 Photo Challenge.

  1. Capture Your 365 – A community for ideas, support, and inspiration for your everyday photography (this is the one we are doing!)
  2. 365 Project – Start your daily photo journal and join an encouraging community of photographers.
  3. 7 Most Inspiring 365 Day Photo Projects – Some of the best and most inspiring 365 Day photo projects that today’s creative minds have conquered.

What skills are you looking to improve upon this year?


  1. Wow! LOVE finding your blog and love you! (Not in a weird way although it does look weird.) Your about section made me laugh. You have packed your last ten years! Glad you are joining in on 365 and using our lists! I’m looking forward to watching your project.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Thanks so much Katrina! You also reminded me about how much I need to update that About page. Doing it now! I absolutely love this project, and am looking forward to it kicking my butt up and down 2013. But dude, Movement is getting me today! It’s cold outside, the kid is gone, the cats are fat and lazy…hopefully an idea will present itself here!