3 Ways to Avoid Nail Polish Bubbles

I don’t paint my nails often. I am way too impatient, I try to do stuff, and I end up with smudges, smooshes and occasionally big stupid bubbles. Or at least I used to. Bubbles are now a thing of the past.

Nail Polish Bubbles

via Czech Glass Nail FIles Blog

Why does this massive pain in the ass phenomenon happen? For me, it was because I was being an impatient spaz. Allow me to explain.

Do yourself a favor and don’t try to paint in a hurry. Plan ahead, give yourself some time and follow these steps.

Don’t Shake It

The number one reason for bubbles in your polish is shaking. Do not shake nail polish bottles. Nail polish is a heavy, viscous substance, and shaking forces air down into the goo.

Of course, sometimes polish needs a good mix. Try rolling the bottle between your palms and turning it end over end. If that still doesn’t give you a proper mix, feel free to give it a light shake, but if you can, do it the day before you paint to let the bubbles work their way out.

Take Your Time

Although shaking is the main reason for bubbles, it is not the only one. If you don’t wait for the polish to dry all the way, bubbles can happen. And smudges. And all manners of other horror.

Keep It Fresh

Old nail polish gets thick and traps bubble double time. Although you can thin it out with a couple of drops of nail polish remover, use it sparingly, because it weakens the bonds in the polish and it can chip more easily.

What are your secrets for not screwing up your manicure?