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365 Photo Challenge | Day 31 | On the Thirds

Day 31 - On The Thirds

Day 31 of the 365 photo challenge is “On the Thirds.” This was more of our tromping through the snow day. These birch trees seemed perfectly positioned for the thirds. I love birch trees so much. They’re so delicate and ghostly.

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Day 14 - In Low Light

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365 Photo Challenge | Day 30 | A Faceless Portrait

Day 30 - A Faceless Portrait

Day 30 of the 365 photo challenge is “A Faceless Portrait.” One girl I work with always puts together the most amazing outfits that are completely unique to her, every day. Of course she also wears shorts and sleeveless things in the middle of January, but apparently her young person circulation is much better than mine, and she never seems to be cold.

This day I was loving her tree tights, boots, beautiful pocket scarf and super cool apron. I just had to get a picture, because this screams her name as loud as her face would. And her face can scream loud. I’ve heard it.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 29 | A Circle

Day 29 - A Circle

Day 29 of the 365 photo challenge is “A Circle.” I love these tiny little snack bowls we received as a wedding present. I was going to take another, clearer photo, but I kind of like this one grainy.

Pre-Baby Cleanse Week 2

Have you even done a cleanse or detox before?

This is the first time for Papa Bear and I, and man, the first week was rough.

In the first week, I found myself barely able to put together a coherent sentence, which can be a bit of a problem as a barber. I was foggy, tired, achy, and floppy all over. On a diet of only fruit, vegetables, lentils, nuts, and seeds, my body was fighting me pretty hard.

Roasted Vegetables with Quinoa

Photo by Bryan Gardner

But wouldn’t you know it, toward the end of the week, I started to feel downright sproingy! Now we enter week two, adding back in fish, all legumes and some gluten-free grains. I don’t know how things will start to affect me, but I will say that yesterday we cheated a little with a Sunday latte, and my tummy has not been very happy about it.

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