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Happy Halloween Y’all – Daily Instagram


This year, we’re all dressing up as one of our coworkers. He knows nothing of this. He tends to be grumpy, so I can’t wait until he gets here for the day.

Creeping Behind the Mirror | Daily Instagram

Creeping Behind the Mirror

One of my favorite stations at work, but when you’re standing in front of the mirror, you can only see the suave fellow on the left. The creeptastic eyes on the right you can only see when you’re cleaning around the sides.

Sponsor Leave Me to My Projects in November!

Sponsor in November

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Seed Pods Bursting | Daily Instagram

Seed Pods Bursting

Such a gorgeous fall day, and the seed pods are bursting. Last year our single little Swamp Milkweed spread all over the place, and we’re hoping it keeps doing that. So pretty.

Happy Blogiversary!

Today, my friends, is a special day for me. This day, October 27th, officially marks the one year anniversary of Leave Me to My Projects.

The Jerks

This was also happening a year ago today. Enjoy.

When I first began this blogging adventure, this here was a very different blog. The old Blogger version of Leave Me to My Projects had quite a few updates over its 3-month lifespan to take it far from the basic template I started with to what you see in the above link.

But then I made the move to WordPress. If you haven’t been to the front page of this site in a while, check it out and you can pretty well see how far this little blog has come.

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