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Can’t Stop | Daily Instagram

Can't Stop

Won’t stop.

Hipster = Hamster | Daily Instagram


While wearing her straw hat and owl T-shirt and wiggling around to Foster the People, I told Baby Bear she looked like such a little hipster. “Yay, I’m a hamster!” she squeals. Yeah, well, that works too I guess.

Our Intimately Modern Pagan Full Moon Foodie Wedding Part 3

Our wedding ceremony and reception were both magical and full of love.

But there was a whole different kind of love on the menu that night as well.

Wedding Rings on After Dinner Treats at Tru


Get ready, because the third and final installment of our wedding series is the food – at Tru restaurant in Chicago.

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Happy New Hat | Daily Instagram

Baby Bear Hat Love

Although this kid is hard to capture on camera sans lobotomy face, once in a rare while, I get one of these. She does love her new hat.

We Meet Again, Morning Glories… | Daily Instagram

We Meet Again, Morning Glories...

The morning glories are completely taking over the fence. Love. Next year: more morning glories, and moonflowers.