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We’re fucking MARRIED! | Daily Instagram

We're fucking MARRIED!

We got married! And then spent half the night wandering around the city, because we were so damned HYPED!

My Dream Coat | Daily Instagram

My Dream Coat

In Banana Republic looking for wedding accessories for Papa Bear. For the Beyonce bootied man, Banana Republic is a great fit.

And then I saw this coat. I need it so bad it hurts, for real. My other fall coat makes me look homeless. But this one is $130 and my budget is tapped. Maybe after the wedding…

…le sigh…

Flower Girl Dress | Daily Instagram

Flower Girl Dress

Baby Bear needed a new dress for our wedding. Well, maybe not NEEDED, but it’s our wedding, we were getting her a new dress. She is not exactly a flower girl, it’s such a small and casual affair, but we found this adorbs dress at Janie and Jack’s, which I am sad to say seems only make clothes for wee ones 5 and under. So we get one year.

So it’s the powder blue polka dot dress and matching bow headband, with her silver Tom’s-style shoes and socks with little buggies on them. SO PROSH.

You see, Papa and Baby Bear sing this song, with daddy playing guitar, We Are Going to Be Freinds, and it is so sweet I almost die every time they sing it. That one line, “look at all the bugs we found” always gets her all smiley, so we thought she needed bugs on her socks. So. F-ing. Precious.

Puffy Blue Skies | Daily Instagram

Puffy Blue Skies

Going to the mall for me is a special kind of hell that I usually avoid at all costs. Sometimes, like right before your own wedding, though, it is a necessity. But today, beautiful skies, beautiful weather. Now just hold on a few more days!

Pregnancy-Inducing Store | Daily Instagram

Pregancy-Inducing Store

We had to find a flower girl dress today, and then this store, I swear, materializes out of nowhere. Upon entering, I loudly announced to everyone who could hear me that I think I just got pregnant walking in there. I was in a daze from the mini perfection, whatever. Dammit, I think I may have the baby fever. Everyone works there is so sweet and helpful, and I for real need a baby right now. At least a borrowed one, just so I can dress it up.

Who has I baby I can steal?