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Etsy Octopus Love | Friday Obsessions

It is frustrating/exciting when one of your weird little obsessions goes mainstream.

Case in point: octopi.

I love these weird and squishy creatures, perhaps because of all of the crafts and projects I imagine I could do with 8 prehensile arms. And now they’re everywhere! Hooray and boo, all at the same time.

Silver Octopus Necklace

I own this particular piece. I call him Klaus. Tis a good octo-name.

I have been trolling Etsy quite a bit lately (in preparation for my upcoming shop!), and I gathered together a whole mess o’ cephalopods for you. And for me, but whatever.

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A Rainbow of Weddings!

This last week in Chicago was full of rainbow love.

Between Chicago Gay Pride, our (really late) rainbow engagement shoot and my leetle seester’s (of Rainbow Wedding fame) bachelorette party, my head has been all a-rainbow. To keep the flamingly happy vibes coming, I gathered up a whole mess of rainbow wedding inspiration that I have been stalking for some time now.

DIY Bohemian Rainbow Wedding via Green Wedding Shoes

DIY Bohemian Rainbow Wedding via Green Wedding Shoes

Feel the rainbow, share the rainbow, love the rainbow! But do not taste the rainbow. Licking the bride and groom is considered inappropriate in most circles.

And if you keep reading to the end, you will be treated to some bachelorette party pictures! Bow chicka-wow-wow…

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Beer Floats

Beer and ice cream. Sounds weird, I know, but bear with me here.

There is precedent for this. Years ago, I worked at a restaurant/brewery with some really badass brewmasters, and a mad scientist of a manager. Pretty much all of my best industry stories, most of which I cannot repeat in so public or…civil…a forum, come from this place.

I also learned quite a bit about beer there. I learned that certain beers, the dark ones, deep roaste their malt. The way in which the malt is roasted is very similar to the way coffee is roasted. This level of roasty goodness brings out certain flavor compounds, which pair well with certain other flavors.

Beer Floats

Oh yeah.

Case in point – beer floats. Thanks to Tim, his Taylor Hicks-looking self and his nipple ring, always clearly visible through his weirdly thin button-down short-sleeved shirts, in a fit of boredom and probably other substances one night, this beverage was born.

Think of it this way: what flavors go well together? Coffee and ice cream? Check. Rootbeer and ice cream, what with the bubbles and all? Check. So why not a coffee stout, with bubble and coffee flavors, with ice cream? Triple check.

It is super summery deliciousness, but this is a drink-while-still-cold kind of thing, as Papa Bear found out, so hop to, you hear?

What’s your favorite weird concoction?


Summer Solstice Pinterest-palooza

Today marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Which means…


To celebrate, I gathered together the best 9 Summer Solstice Pinboards from all over Pinterest. So now I bring you food, drink, bonfires, road trips, debauchery, sand, saltwater, airy clothes, bare feet, fireflies, fairies, magic, flora, fauna and all manner of summer.


Summer Solstice Pinboard via Tyn on Pinterest

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After the Engagement Session

Papa Bear and I had our engagement session with Bobbie from RobertaRae Photography this morning!

We trespassed, found giant spiders, adorable little toads, a slightly worrying and stalkery dog that I totally dog whispered, wild strawberry fields, meadows of raspberry bushes, haunted and abandoned houses, a Lost-style hatch (or 2), and all other manner of fun and excitement.

Engagement Session

Happy and tired and still feeling phantom crawly bugs

Papa Bear is all accidentally decked out in Mumford-inspired thrifted Banana Republic, and, inspired by my leetle seester, I just wore a rainbow. Both sans shoes. I don’t know if we could have been any more us for our engagement session.

We will be getting photos soon, but I was just too excited not to share a quick little self-taken backyard snapshot with you!