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Welcome to My New Home

Welcome to the new home of Leave Me to My Projects, on my very own, hosted, registered domain, for real blog.

I am in the process of transferring over the old to the new site here, but I imagine it might take a little time, so I will be officially relaunching LMTMP on February 2nd, 2012.

In the meantime, you can still find me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.

There are so many wonderful things coming, you wouldn’t want to miss all the goodness, now would you?

Big Changes

Well everyone, I did it. I switched to WordPress. I have had quite enough of spending the majority of my limited blogging time monkeying around with formatting and fighting Blogger. It has been fantastic for getting my feet wet and I quite enjoyed it here for a time.

But this is not the end, it is the beginning! I will be working on the full transfer to my new, very own, hosted, registered domain, for real blog. I’m going pro.

I have decided to be like the groundhog. Until February 2nd, 2012 (my dad’s birthday, coincidentally) I am going to hibernate, plan, execute, and get this thing off the ground. I will still be posting to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in the meantime, with occasional updates on the progress on here.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Morgan’s Cosmic Moon

Every parent thinks their kid is special. That’s a cliché for a reason. In our case, though, it’s totally true. The giant birthday book says so.

Tyler (also known as Papa Bear) has this giant book, called The Secret Language of Birthdays. I thought it was your typical generalized astrology stuff, until I started reading my pages, his, Morgan’s, my mom, dad, and all my exes. It was about that time I started getting goosebumps.

hot n cold by utopic man

Hot n Cold via Utopic Man

Morgan (also known as Baby Bear) was born on June 20th, the day before the summer solstice. That day is called “The Day of Ecstatic Appeal.” According to the book, her strengths are that she is emotional, rousing and charismatic. Her weaknesses are that she is overly emotional and destructive. A few of my favorite quotes from her day: [Read more…]

My Clear Winter Color Palette

Ever heard of that seasonal color analysis thing that was all the rage in the 80s and 90s? At the time, I assumed it was just a silly makeup fad invented by the Mary Kay ladies, so I never paid it much mind. Until it changed my life a little.

I used to go shopping, find something in a color and style I liked, and buy it. For a long time, I never had anything to wear, because nothing went well together. Over time, I began to naturally figure out what worked on me and what did not, but I never knew why they worked or didn’t.

Once I ran across an article on 12 Season Color Analysis, it became clear to me immediately – just because I like a color does not mean that it is doing me any favors.

Let me tell you a little about what I have learned about my seasons.

My Clear Winter Color Palette

[Read more…]

Daily Inspiration: Get Ready for Winter

It was sweater weather yesterday, in the mid 50’s. Today we’re getting six inches of snow. I wouldn’t mind it so much, but as soon as I saw this photo, I was simply dying to get out with my camera on a day when it comes down fast, and in spades. About the time it should be looking amazing outside, though, I have to be at work.

Get Ready for Winter

Snowy Kingdom via Mikhail Tkachev

As you know, I love seasons, and pictures of them. If you’re taking any amazing photos of the weather turning frightful, I would love to use one for the Daily Inspiration. So, if you would like to be featured, send them in! I want to frolic in the snow with my camera so desperately.