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Daily Inspiration – Greyscale Horses

It’s almost the end of the year, and it rained like crazy today. It’s all grey outside, but I kind of like grey – its soothing and pretty, so whatever, I’ll just enjoy it. It’s especially nice on horses.

I really need to get on that riding horses in the snow thing, but we could really use some snow first. I hate the winter, why am I so looking forward to this?

Put your child in front of the computer and watch their head explode

Both baby bear and I love rainbows and gummi bears. There’s someone else who loves gummi bears. Steve the monkey from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This clip may just contain every moment of Steve in the movie for a total of 2 minutes and 44 seconds. Watch it, it will make you giggle with glee, but this isn’t even the good part yet.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that Steve is voiced by none other than Neil Patrick Harris. Freaking WIN.

She now also does the mustache thing to Papa Bear. Secretly, I sorta believe Baby Bear is Steve. That clip pretty much sums up our home life with this kid, and it’s kinda awesome.

But now on to the head exploding. Feast your eyes on this:

That’s right, that is a chandelier made out of gummi bears.
There were only 10 made and no price listed, but it took 5,000 1″ acrylic gummi bears and about two months to complete.

By Jellio

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How to Take Great Photos of Kids

Do you want to fill up your photo albums with great photos of your kids? You totally can! How, you ask?

Give up expecting to have magazine-perfect pictures. Period. If you get some of those shots where they are smiling at the camera and saying cheese just like you told them, fine, but are those really the best pictures?

My soon-to-be stepdaughter, for example, has a problem in pictures. In almost every shot she is either not looking at the camera, moving too fast to be captured, or looking like she has been lobotomized.

Zoo day, after which I had to toss 90% of the pictures. These were the best ones.

This is a child whose medium is film. She’s so cute in person, but wow, sometimes…there have been occasions where we have taken 50 shots, and not one has been usable.

Thankfully, we live in the age of digital cameras. Had she been born when I was (or earlier), almost no pictures would exist of this kid. We can afford to click away and see what happens.

The day before Christmas, while she was enjoying ants on a log for perhaps the first time, I got this one:

Personally, I think those perfectly smiling, precious “look how pretty I am” pictures are boring as hell. All of my favorite pictures from when my sister and I were kids involve what I dub “crazy face.” Baby Bear has it in spades, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
She’s pretty all right. Pretty awesome.

Daily Inspiration – Barren Lands

This sounds like such a depressing Daily Inspiration, but it’s not, I swear. There’s something comforting about an empty stillness.

It’s cold and dull and gross outside, but sometimes, when I have a nice cup of tea and a warm fat animal next to me, it’s all good.

How to Look Boyish in a Skirt

Big comfy sweater with elbow patches, big men’s shirt, tights, chunky heeled boots and a big ring. It’s dusty and casual, but still looks really put together.

via Nesairah N.

Wearing a skirt or dress without looking too feminine is something I’m always trying to pull off. I hate dresses and skirts for the most part – I’m not the girliest girl on the block, but I love this look, minus the hat. A different hat would be nice, or maybe with the hair styled up in a mohawk?