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Daily Inspiration | Zombie Peanuts

Zombie Peanuts

via Bent Objects

Just goes to show that lack of money and/or materials is no excuse for being sedentary creatively. Get ridiculous with what you have and grab a camera. Sobriety, while allowed, may not be recommended.

Soup Season Challenge

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

via How To: Simplify

Now that Thanksgiving is over, my taste for hearty cold-weather food is back with a vengeance. I have been getting soup at Panera way too often on my long school days. What I need to do is get back to basics and make some freaking soup already.

In fact, because it is so easy to take with me to school, and it allows me to be super cheap, I am going to make a goal that I will try to stick to for the chilly months to make soup once per week. On Tuesdays. And I will bring you the recipes and pictures to make you happy and hungry. To join in the tastes, you’ll have to whip them up on your own!

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Digital Camera Search

I am totally going to start saving up for a camera. I just put a dollar in a jar.

The passable quality of pictures I can take on my phone is fine for everyday snapshots, but for when I want to really make some memories and images, I want detail. I want MEGAPIXELS. Lots of ’em. Apparently there is even now an anti-dust system from Nikon, and although I’ve always been a Canon girl, it terribly intrigues me.

So the hunt begins. Recommendations for an interchangeable lens DSLR, anyone?

Daily Inspiration | I wanna ride horses in the snow

Horses in the Snow

via Gosia Makosa

I wanna ride horses in the snow. That is all.

Daily Inspiration – Sunrise on the Rocks

via Jamie Link Photography

Last night I went to my 10-year high school reunion. Well, technically it was my 11-year, but because I graduated early, both classes forgot about me, and I didn’t get invited to either. Did I let that stop me from going this year anyway? Hell no.

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