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Ghosts stalk the veggie garden

It’s All Hallow’s Eve, and the cats are freaking the hell out for some reason. Admittedly the ever growing kitten is in heat for the first time, but they’re skittering around like ferrets in the back of a pickup truck, and I’m home alone. Getting the little lady spayed is on the to do list, but its not like she has anything to worry about. This creature is the only other of the species at home, and he’s a prissy neutered drag queen.


Who loves kitty? You love kitty, yes you do.

But alas, it’s pretty much November, and the vegetable garden and annuals are dying off or have but a few numbered days. I now have to find in my vast quantities of spare time a few days to get outside, clear all the dead stuff out, and start really hunkering it down for winter. We’ve gotten 9 bags of free mulch from the village recycling center already (you just have to go shovel it yourself), and it’s looking like we need perhaps 37 more? Oy vey, there be so much to do.

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Boo for a slow work day

Knitting, cordless and coffee.  This is how I roll at work.

Slow Work Day

Projects galore

I have a problem of late where I get way too many projects going at the same time, and then things fall by the wayside.  Well, not of late, pretty much always.  So that’s a problem, but the other one is my pathological need to refine things over and over to the point that I never really consider them “finished.”

These days, life is pretty busy.  I’m going back to barber school (Canadian license didn’t transfer to Illinois) three days a week, 12-hour days, another three days a week working the front desk at my barbershop (not mine, really, it’s just my shoppey home), I have a 3-year-old soon-to-be stepdaughter, and I’m planning my wedding for next August, as well as helping my sister plan hers for next July.  I’m freaking busy, and if I don’t have my crafty meditation time, life kinda sucks.

So here’s the plan.  Simplify.  Sometimes good enough really is good enough.  And just keep up on things, you know?  Have my list of daily to dos, weekly, monthly, whatever, and use my calendar.  I am going to get my shit together, and part of me hopes this blog helps hold me accountable a wee bit.

So although I have four more projects in my immediate queue, I am only starting two right now, mostly because I left the baby hat at school, and won’t be able to get at it again until Monday, and I can’t go two days without knitting.  I really totally can’t.

Gooseberry Hat

via Suvi Simola on Ravelry

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This is my life

Dumb comic

via Exploding Zombies

Found while doing exactly this on Pinterest.  Things That Make Me Laugh board.

A chill is in the air…

It’s cold and crappy outside, and the knitting is calling me again.  So far this year (aka since fall hit), I’ve made another little stuffed Clyde owl, a stuffed vampiric panda for my fellow barber student E.Z. (because I think he looks like a cute little panda with alopecia – I can’t tell if he appreciates that comparison or not), a navy blue cable knit scarf for Maranda (Meaning of Life Scarf), a blue/brown trellis patterned hat for Tyler, and a crapload of false starts on baby hats for the clan of little ones on my mom’s side in central Illinois.  Now I think I have patterns nailed down for all 5 little hats (thanks Ravelry!), and I’m ready to get down to business.  Let the cold weather projects begin!